Eamon Mullaney, BSc (Pharm) MBA MPSNI MBE

Speaker Bio

Eamon Mullaney, BSc (Pharm) MBA MPSNI MBE

Professional Manager Pharmacy Services BHSCT and Chair of NI Regional Homecare Medicines Group

Eamon has been registered as a pharmacist for 32 years and has worked 30 of them in hospital pharmacy across the city of Belfast. He graduated in Pharmacy from Queens University in 1989 and later qualified with a Master’s in Business Administration from the university of Ulster.

Since early on in his career Eamon has been involved or an operational or leadership capacity within medicines procurement. Having also practised as a junior clinical pharmacist in
rheumatology in 1996 he progressed to senior pharmacist in therapeutic review at the then Northern Ireland Regional Cancer Hospital at Belvoir Park in Belfast.

Previous to this Eamon held the following positions:

  • Dispensary Manager as Royal Group of Hospitals in Belfast
  • Chief Pharmacist in the Mater Hospital Trust in Belfast
  • Production Manager in Pharmacy within the Victoria Pharmaceuticals within the Royal Group of Hospitals
  • Chaired PDIG from 2018 to 2020.

Following the review of public administration in Northern Ireland and the merging of six hospital Trusts into the new Belfast Health and Social Care Trust, Eamon became one of the Deputy Heads of Pharmacy and Medicines Management with responsibility for medicines procurement and the regional pharmacy manufacturing service (Victoria Pharmaceuticals) in 2008/09. He lead on the establishment of the Belfast Trust pharmacy medicines procurement hub. Eamon has remained in this job to the present day delivering a range of key achievements within the sector.