The National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) was introduced in 2006 to help Homecare companies with expert advice and support so they can deliver high quality homecare services to patients.

On this website you will find information to help you understand more about  these companies and the services that may be provided to you. There are over 600,000 patients in the UK receiving Clinical Homecare Services (March 2024). The NCHA develops high quality homecare standards which are provided across the UK. We also work closely with the NHS Hospitals in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The main focus is to ensure patients who are suitable for and wish to, are able to access high quality homecare services.

Homecare patients can only access these services via their Hospital Consultant and these services may include the delivery of medicine /nurse support in a community setting, which may be your home. Important: Not all patients are suitable to go onto this service and your Hospital Consultant will work with you to discuss this option if it is suitable for you.

NCHA helps Homecare companies with expert advice and support so they can deliver quality high standard services.

The following information covers the benefits of clinical homecare and how these  services work for you. We have also provided you with a list of some patient groups and homecare companies who are members of NCHA.

NCHA Objectives:

The National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) is committed to the following objectives:

  • To act as a central source of information and discussion
  • To promote high standards in Clinical Homecare
  • To influence healthcare policy in areas where Clinical Homecare can add value
  • NCHA publishes the Code of Practice for the Homecare Industry which all NCHA Full and Probationary Members agree to abide by.

Benefits to Patients


Encourages you to take greater control over your treatment with appropriate support

Privacy & Decency

Discreet, confidential service ensures your privacy maintained and can be improved by treatment in your chosen environment

Time & Money saving

  • Less travel, hospital parking, childcare, and time off work
  • Cost-effective way to arrange self-funded or “top up” treatments

Improved overall quality of life

Minimising the time you are treated as a patient allowing you to live the way you want to live

Improved treatment outcomes

  • Additional treatment capacity provided by clinical homecare services may mean faster access to treatment
  • Proactive prescription management and stock checking reduces the chances of a missed dose
  • Improved adherence to treatment through regular contact, support and education to help you manage your health
  • Fewer & shorter hospital visits means eating your own food and sleeping in your own bed – and less risk of hospital-acquired infections

Peace of mind

  • National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) Members have many years of experience and expertise in the delivery of clinical homecare services
  • Access to advice from dedicated teams of healthcare professionals, often 24 hours each day

For all the reasons above and many more, clinical homecare services are consistently highly rated by patients in patient satisfaction surveys.

Benefits to Patients


Supports services which mean fewer trips to hospital


Supports providers who enhance patient independence


Improves homecare patient’s quality of life


Improves choice and flexibility for Clinical Homecare Patients


Increases access to Clinical Homecare Services across the UK


Improves treatment outcomes still further by enhancing patient safety through service standardisation


Supports and empowers patients to take control of long term conditions with appropriate support


Gives assurance and peace of mind through NCHA Members’ committment to the NCHA Code of Practice