NCHA Full Members including NCHA Board


The following Homecare Organisations are current Full (including Probationary) Members of the National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA). Each Full Member of the NCHA commits to abide by the NCHA Code of Practice and conforms to the NCHA ‘membership criteria’.  Membership of the NCHA provides assurance to patients, carers, clinicians and commissioners alike that the Clinical Homecare Service they provide meet exacting standards in all areas.

Lists provided in alphabetical order:

For further information about NCHA Members see each Members website and/or make direct contact using the contact details given.  NCHA will pass on any messages left via the ‘contact us’ section of this site – if your message is for an NCHA Member, please state clearly which Member organisation you wish to contact.

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The NCHA Board

A number of eminent professionals, with decades of healthcare experience, make up the Association’s Board, helping to ensure that exacting standards are met and maintained by each Association member.

Chairperson – Alison Davis (NCHA Director), Pharmaxo Pharmacy Services Ltd

Board Members/Directors:

  • Stephanie Westwood (NCHA Vice Chair / Director), Alcura UK Ltd
  • Chris Carver (NCHA Treasurer/Director), Healthnet Homecare Ltd
  • Charlene Leak (NCHA Director), Calea UK Ltd
  • Suzanne Davis, IQVIA
  • Shaun Duffy, LloydsPharmacy Clinical Homecare
  • Brian Duggan, Polar Speed Distribution
  • Lisa Green, Wren Healthcare
  • Kassam Hassam, Baxter Healthcare
  • Dr Majid Hussain, Quest Healthcare
  • Lynn Jeggo, Apodi Healthcare
  • Kate Kelly, Ashfield Healthcare
  • Ian Morgan, Sciensus
  • Sally Woolston and Gemma Tyrrell, Bionical, Deputy Board Member
  • Mohammed Sheikh, Personal Homecare Pharmacy Limited
  • Rammah Sharma, One Stop Pharmacy Limited
  • Zenna Tosar, Fresenius Medical Care
  • Zbigniew Zapalowski, B Braun Medical Ltd