Full & Probationary Membership Application Process and Criteria


NCHA Full membership requires compliance with the NCHA Code of Practice and all relevant statutory requirements for the services that the organisation provides.

These must include at least one of the following:

  • MHRA wholesale dealer’s licence, where wholesaling is carried out;
  • MHRA specials manufacturing licence, where aseptic compounding is carried out;
  • Registration as a Nurses’ Agency with CQC, if nursing services are provided;
  • Registration as a Pharmacy with the GPhC if medication is dispensed.

In addition, all full members must have the following:

  • Data protection registration
  • Public liability insurance
  • Evidence of at least one NHS contract to provide clinical homecare services for at least one year

Full member organisations must be able to demonstrate a comprehensive internal quality management system. This will be demonstrated through ISO 9001:2000 or recognised equivalent accreditation. The quality standard must include a robust system for managing incidents and complaints. In this regard, adherence to the National Health Service (Complaints) Regulations 2004 (Statutory Instrument 2004 No. 1768) and any amendments thereto is considered a minimum standard.

The criteria for membership will be periodically reviewed by the National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA), as it develops and homecare industry evolves.

Every complete application for NCHA Membership must be submitted to the NCHA Board at the meeting next following receipt of the proposal.

Please note the following requirement:
Applications should be made in the name of the principal legal entity responsible for the trading business. Where the principal legal entity is represented within the market by more than two trading identities an additional membership will be required for each additional trading identity. This additional membership will be granted on a non-voting basis.

Where more than one principal legal entity is owned by the same ultimate parent company membership will be granted on a non-voting basis.
All applications are subject to compliance with Full Membership Criteria contained within the NCHA Articles of Association.

Full Membership of the NCHA is intended to be inclusive and fair to all members.

Probationary Full Membership is also offered to companies new to the association who meet all the criteria above but who may or may not have an NHS contract. Probationary Full Membership is available for an initial 12 month period and may be extended for a further 12 months.

Full & Probationary Membership Fees

Current Full Membership Fee is £10,000 and Probationary Membership Fee is £5,000 from 1st April to 31st March. Membership fees are subject to VAT and the fee is pro-rata depending in which month of the membership year the application is received/approved.


Application Form