Healthnet Homecare Ltd

HealthNet Homecare is a company born from one vision; that Homecare and direct to patient (DtP) services can and should be delivered in a better way. Our belief is that we can and will provide services that add greater value, that are designed around the needs of patients, in line with the priorities of the NHS and our Pharmaceutical partners.

The team at HealthNet have in excess of 60 years’ relevant experience in managing direct to patient distribution. We have gained significant experience across a diverse spectrum of diseases, from primary care managed conditions to complex orphan diseases requiring specialist tertiary care.

At HealthNet, we recognize the importance of working in true partnership with both the NHS and our Pharmaceutical partners to develop and deliver innovative supportive packages of care and a range of services for patients that deliver better outcomes. Our clinical team work seamlessly to manage the clinical pathways for patients receiving secondary and primary care medication in out of hospital settings, delivering convenience and choice for patients whilst ensuring value for money for the NHS.

HealthNet’s mission is to be the partner of choice for Pharmaceutical companies, the NHS, patients and their families, but this can only be achieved by developing the right solutions that add value, empowering patient choice and offering flexibility. HealthNet’s solutions are therefore based on delivering value, quality and convenience to all stakeholders through developed and truly integrated patient centered solutions.