NCHA Annual Conference 2020

NCHA 2020 Conference Programme

Posters presented during the NCHA conference

Improving Patient Safety in the Homecare Setting – A pilot study of a PIN system

Are rapid discharges in palliative Parenteral Nutrition PN Achievable?

Benefits and Considerations of Home Immunoglobulin Therapy

Developing and Implementing a Shared Electronic Solution to Provide an Efficient Collaborative Approach to the Provision of Home Enteral Feeding Support

Repatriation at MACFC

Morgan et al

On behalf of the National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA), I would like to thank you all for attending the 2020 conference in Birmingham on the 6th February where we all took time to consider “The Patients View of Homecare”.

The attendance at this years conference clearly demonstrated a high level of interest in Clinical Homecare Services throughout the UK. The discussions held covered a range of topics from Precision Medicine, (what we can expect from future treatments) to discussions on Personalised Care for a number of therapy areas including Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis and bone marrow transplantation. It was interesting to hear about the numerous charity groups who are striving to work with patients to help improve patient outcomes by providing online education and support.

Clearly the digital age has arrived and it was interesting to hear about the role of NHSX and the importance of keeping patients data safe. A key responsibility that we all face.

There are multifactorial challenges for designing, implementing and evidencing the value of Clinical Homecare Services including the introduction of some Patients Support Programmes (PSPs). Evidencing the value may be a vital consideration as multiple stakeholders work in collaboration to support improve outcomes for all stakeholders.

For all 2020 conference attendees, please remember to complete your feedback forms to help shape the NCHA conference in 2021.

Remember to save the date now for our 2021 event – 4th February 2021

Kind Regards

Alison Davis
NCHA Chair
National Clinical Homecare Association