NCHA Aims and Benefits

The National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) aims to raise the awareness of the benefits of Clinical Homecare, and to ensure that high standards are maintained.  NCHA publishes the Code of Practice for the Homecare Industry which all NCHA Full and Probationary Members agree to abide by.

As the industry body for Clinical Homecare, the NCHA supports the many benefits to commissioners, clinicians and patients that arise from Clinical Homecare Services.

Benefits to commissioners and clinicians:

  • Supports the move of consultant-led patient care to community settings
  • Champions processes for shorter or avoidance of inpatient stays
  • Maximises the benefits of outpatient attendances
  • Supports significant cost-saving potential
  • Supports improved treatment outcomes
  • Enhances patient choice and experience
  • NCHA seeks to standardise high quality Clinical Homecare Services provided by specialised regulated providers who commit to implementing the NCHA Code of Practice
  • Source of trusted information about Clinical Homecare

Benefits to patients:

  • Improves homecare patient’s quality of life
  • Increases access to Clinical Homecare Services across the UK
  • Improves choice and flexibility for Clinical Homecare Patients,
  • Improves treatment outcomes still further by enhancing patient safety through service standardisation
  • Supports and empowers patients to take control of long term conditions with appropriate support
  • Supports services which mean fewer trips to hospital
  • Supports providers who enhance patient independence
  • Seeks to minimise the cost of access to Clincial Homecare Services for patients and the NHS whilst maintaining a robust Clinical Homecare Industry
  • Gives assurance and peace of mind through NCHA Members’ committment to the NCHA Code of Practice

As an industry body for Clinical Homecare, the National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) is committed to the following objectives:

  • To act as a central source of information and discussion
  • To promote high standards in Clinical Homecare
  • To influence healthcare policy in areas where Clinical Homecare can add value
  • To lobby on issues relating to Clinical Homecare