For Patients

Clinical homecare is firmly centred around the needs of each individual patient. Freedom, choice and comfort form the basis of every clinical homecare service, and the benefits are clear for each patient to experience.

“It saves time…. there is no queuing…. its more private. I like everything about the service”
HIV patient

– Encourages you to take greater control over your treatment with appropriate support

Improved treatment outcomes:
– Additional treatment capacity provided by clinical homecare services may mean faster access to treatment
– Proactive prescription management and stock checking reduces the chances of a missed dose
– Improved adherence to treatment through regular contact, support and education to help you manage your health
– Fewer & shorter hospital visits means eating your own food and sleeping in your own bed – and less risk of hospital-acquired infections

Privacy / dignity:
– Discreet, confidential service ensures your privacy maintained and can be improved by treatment in your chosen environment

Peace of mind:
– National Clinical Homecare Association (NCHA) Members have many years of experience and expertise in the delivery of clinical homecare services
– Access to advice from dedicated teams of healthcare professionals, often 24 hours each day

Time & Money saving:
– Less travel, hospital parking, childcare, and time off work
– Cost-effective way to arrange self-funded or “top up” treatments

Improved overall quality of life:
-Minimising the time you are treated as a patient allowing you to live the way you want to live

For all the reasons above and many more, clinical homecare services are consistently highly rated by patients in patient satisfaction surveys.

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